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Wellbeing Digital Introduces Women In Psychedelics, A Network For Female Minds In Psychedelics



Women In Psychedelics Newsletter

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Light and Shadow

Issue 10

WIP Newsletter October 2022

WIPN Networking Reception, Psyched Podcast with Najla Guthrie, Launch of WIPN Forum, Colorado Proposition 122, Psychedelic Startup Europe, Natalie Lyla Ginsberg and  more!

Issue 08

WIP Newsletter October 2022

WIPN Job Board Launch, Inaugural Networking Event, PTSD Webinar with Lauren Myers, Vogue talks Psychedelics, Paolo Santo Closes $50M Investment, November Ballots,   and  more!

Issue 06

WIP Newsletter August 2022

Upcoming WIPN Webinar - Giveaway Time, Capital Markets Webinar Live, Turning to Psychedelics to Treat Depression, Psilocybin Sharply Reduces Excessive Drinking,  and  more!

Issue 04

WIP Newsletter July 2022

A journey into Michael Pollan's "How to Change Your Mind," WIPN Webinar Live, New Board Members, Your genes may determine how you react to psychedelics, and more!

Issue 02

WIP Newsletter June 2022

Launch of WIPN Webinar, Legalization of psychedelics, Veterans Affairs, How to change your mind set to release on Netflix and more!

Issue 09

WIP Newsletter October 2022

WIPN Psyched Podcast with Courtney Barnes and Amanda Siebert, NIH to Tail Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis Legalization and Psychedelics, Valentina Wasson  and  more!

Issue 07

WIP Newsletter September 2022

Mindshifting Moments Interview,  Giveaway Time, PsyCan Pushes Federal Policy, Colorado Will Not on Legalization, Aaron Rodgers & Ayahuasca, Najla Guthrie Highlight,  and  more!

Issue 05

WIP Newsletter August 2022

Upcoming WIPN Webinar - Capital Markets, Psychedelics and Women, Creso Pharma broadens scope, Biden Administration, Psychedelics for Neuro- Degenerative diseases and  more!

Issue 03

WIP Newsletter July 2022

WIPN Webinar Live, Remembering Ann, House moves to expand Psychedelic Therapy Research, Netflix' How to Change your Mind and more!

Issue 01

WIP Newsletter June 2022

Welcome to the Women in Psychedelics Network, New Partnership to develop bio production pathways of psychedelics, Elon Musk & Anne Shulgin. 

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