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Najla Guthrie,
Founder and Board Chair

Najla Guthrie is a global leader in the nutraceutical and emerging psychedelic industry with a focus on how the development of natural compounds can fundamentally change the way we treat and prevent mental illness.


Najla founded KGK Science, a full-service premium contract research organization. Creating a business that focuses on high-quality clinical research and regulatory expertise to bring safe and effective products to global markets.


When KGK partnered with Wellbeing Digital Science, an evidence-based healthcarecompany focused on innovative clinical solutions, her expertise and passion madeher a great fit to take on the role of CEO.


Today, Najla speaks at a global level, lobbies for the advancement of policy changes in the supplement and cannabis industries, and leads the team at Wellbeing Digital Science and KGK Science.


Najla is driven by impact and is proud to be a first-generation immigrant and female leader in STEM leading the way for more voices to be shared in the industry.


At Wonderland 2021, the largest conference in the psychedelic medicine sector, Najla and one of her team members, Kirsten Krose, were looking around the room and realized, “This room is packed with so many men - we need to get more women in this conversation!”


After spending the last 25 years noticing that the business, medical, and STEM industries have a disproportionate number of men compared to women, Najla and Kirsten started looking at what changing this would look like.


They mapped out what a network of women would look like in the psychedelic industry - they knew it needed to be a collective that brought together diverse voices, all different career backgrounds, and have an aligned mission.


The Women in Psychedelics Network started that week - with just a LinkedIn page and a vision. The vision was shared with many women in the space and started bringing together scientists, medical professionals, research assistants, lawyers, and more.  All of whom have a passion for connection, development, and creating tangible change in the mental health space using psychedelic medicine.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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